About Us

Bruce W. Flora, PLS, is currently CEO/President of Flora Surveying Associates and possesses 50 years of experience in the industry. Graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 1975 he was inspired to pursue a career in land surveying with major engineering firms and subsequently became Chief of Surveys with several firms across the United States. He currently holds Professional Licenses in the states
of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

In 1996 Bruce built Flora Surveying Associates, PC, a professional firm in Saluda, Virginia specializing in environmental and construction surveying, 3D modeling for Automated Machine Guidance and Earthwork Forensics utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Bruce is a Trimble Certified trainer and has traveled the country to train others. He is currently at the helm of Flora Surveying Associates, Data Pro and Flora Consulting, LLC. When not at the helm of his businesses, you can find him at the helm of his trawler, exploring the Chesapeake Bay and enjoying the waterways of the Eastern Coast.